7 days of home

  1. it’s pleasant and warm to hear words like “누나” “수지야” and “Suz” from familiar and intimate voices i know and remember
  2. the sun has been amazing and the views at 5 pm are phenomenal. you can breathe when you feel the vast texas skies
  3. plazas are the epitome of the great american suburban life. yesterday i tackled target, half- priced books and tj maxx, respectively in one plaza. open plazas with such big parking lots. i always feel like such a fob when i come back to these simple joys
  4. it sounds silly but i forgot how much my parents love me. it shows every hour when my mom wants to feed me. it shows when my dad wants to get coffee with me. i forgot how much joy my parents have. and how my dad was such a thug when he was younger. today he told me about a time when he went to prison for a night at age 25
  5. this is sappy but my brother has arguably become my favorite debater. i can’t believe how much he’s grown. and how we can exchange and spit out ideas. he’s so independent… but he will always be babykiwis to me.
  6. being away from your usual is a breather and reminder that this world is really grand. like ohmylordyourehugeGod and whydidieverfretaboutsuchsmallthingsinlife big 
  7. there is more intimacy to be discovered, more space to go deeper and wider. i wake up every morning wanting more love and inspiration… healing and more truth for myself and those around me~