wait what?

So the last hour has been pretty intense.

There were only five of us today, ready to go to meet our client in Jamsil. I had the files.  I was excited. We walked out. All of the sudden he yells out hey get your own cab, us three will ride with him. He took the files from my hands and got in the car without looking back. He didn’t even tell me the full address. 

Immediately I did what I do best during a crisis- TAKE ACTION. FORGET FEELINGS. I immediately got in a cab with my partner, told the taxi driver the address except he couldn’t even understand what I was saying due to his age and hearing. We left that one and got into another one. Told this guy to hurry please with a bit of impatience in my tone. 

I thought the worst had come but it wasn’t over yet. Taxi guy messed up the directions so we took the wrong turn. During the many stoplights we encountered, I reflected on what had just happened. I sat there critizing my boss for his asshole move. Why were my partner and I even going? He had the files. He didn’t even need us to go. I was upset, impatient at the driver and my partner who kept asking questions, and strongly disappointed in my boss and the entire legal/ business field itself.

We arrived a good ten minutes late to the meeting so we were directed to the waiting room instead. I am here, sitting with my partner. Dumbfounded at the ruthlessness of what just happened. Wishing I had brought a book or something. The view up here is nice. Apartments look like lego toys. The Han is not sparkling due to the fog in the air. 

This is the life of a wide-eyed intern under a ruthless lawyer boss. 


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