six things for june

side note- can’t believe i was in japan a whole MONTH ago. i cry

  1. my brother is moving to austin this upcoming year! to keep it short, this is like breakthrough for him because these past two years have been rough. excited for him and for life in general…
  2. i wish GOD could just hurry things up sometimes or just hand me whatever it is i need. i feel more and more to just be in the waiting, to just keep delighting, to keep persisting in what is here and now. not gonna lie, every day is a struggle. sometimes every hour of the day.
  3. fadjflksad;flfklf. fear makes you do stupid things. so unfortunate. yeah i cant articulate it other than just dlfjk;dfds
  4. oh right- i dont believe men and women can ever be just friends. EVER
  5. every time my mom texts me i want to cry. cry because i miss her a lot, but also because i want to give her some kind of good news that’s happening in my life but there’s not much going on. hence, nothing to really talk about.
  6. i wish i knew had to swag dance, not just get down on the dance floor occasionally dance. when i have kids, they’re going to be dancers so i can live out my dreams through them. also wish i could drum too. been thinking about investing in a keyboard. or drumming lessons.

i think these might be a series


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