full circle

I’m here at the college I attended for about a month before moving my whole life to Korea at the age of barely 18. Sitting inside the library. One of my usual spots as a fresh freshman. 

What makes it even more special is to have Kihwan with me on this campus,  just as I was walking around four years ago by myself. He’s a sophomore here so I can see through his lens and also through my old ones too. University park, the main lawn, the sidewalks… it’s like digging up old first grade worksheets from that one box in the garage.

Back then I had no idea what was about to happen in my life, nor did I know how much change and healing God would bring in the upcoming four years. I would’ve never been filled with his spirit and love in such a radical way if it weren’t for him taking me out of this place and leading me to a completely new and seemingly deserted road. This place is good. But you had something better. This place was comfortable, but you wanted me to grow. 

God, thank you. I’m in tears of how beautiful this chapter has been. You know my story and you’re the best author in the world. You created the words renewal and redemption. You created the words 180 degrees and all things new. You know every detail of my life… you never miss a thing.

What spurs me on from this is how much I can expect you to lead me in the future with even greater things than just knowing which college to go to. Your promises ARE really true and REALLY good. I’m reminded of how you outdid yourself so beautifully just four years ago at this campus. 

Who knows me like you do? Who is invested in me like you are? Who knows the deeper desires and the smaller intricacies of my heart that are unspoken yet still heard? 

Lead me Lord. With greater strides and crazier faith. I’m in need of your spark in my life! The next four/ five years are right in front of me and I’m desperate for your adventures! If you want me to stay, I’ll stay. If you want me to go I’ll go. But today Im confessing how I love you and your hands… Your plays are unexpected but executed so outstandingly well. Tom Brady yesterday doesn’t even compare! Not even an inch to your calls! Your games are the best so pick me lord! Draft me into your team for some crazy wins and history. I can’t wait for more of these full circle moments and the in between process.  

Here’s to forward bound…. with the best coach, author and architect I know..!!


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