wonder if I’ll ever feel like I’ll fit in

if I’ll ever find a tribe that knows my name

the more I grow up, the more I think friends and people are unnecessary. but undoubtedly a huge chunk of my soul longs for it deeply and deeper. 

maybe it’s because I moved so frequently during my adolescence, or because i didn’t get the typical American college experience. 

but blaming it on external situations is cheap, and i have too much respect for myself to identify as victim. i want to play fair. I am strong and these times have been clothes for my soul. 

a tribe that knows my name 

like a Wolfpack in the mountains, eyeing for protection or a flock of birds and the rhythm of their wings

even animals display loyalty- when will I discover this? Is this not for me?

No. “discover” is inefficient. I want to create. Lord, give me the lone wolves wanting a pack, the lost stars wanting a galaxy for their own. 

We will create, and be the tribe that knows your names.

a tribe that knows each name 


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