a year in the life

The first song I think of while looking back on my year is this beautiful song right here. 

What a crazy eventful year! From Zika (lol anyone remember??) Brexit, Olympics, travels, Trump, weddings, birthdays, President Park, my personal battles of unbelief, and your own battles too. The year always feels so short but looking back, there were several heart-melting, joyous but also just downright depressing days.

But “you’ve got to you’ve got to remember the love!!!!” Why I love this song is because it isn’t about trying to just remember the good moments. This song is like- no. I know your year was both good and bad. I know it sucked and I know it  was also fun. But it’s really about this greater force… this force that’s always present and louder and stronger than what we see. 

Measuring your life in love… seasons of love… these are moments when you gave love and felt loved, when you fell in love and when you couldn’t love, when you were overwhelmed with love and were in dire need of love… when you felt love and wanted to love but didn’t know how to express love, when you realized the world is full of love and when you realized, “wow the world is shit and needs a lot of love.”

How comforting and mysterious is it to know that this love is always at work, whether in secret or overt, that everything- literally everything, connects to it (or the lack of it). It’s the only force that makes sense to all. It’s universal and ubiquitous and attentive and so freakin’ grand. Love… you are the constant and the fit. The need and the solution. The wood and the fire!

Replay the last line and listen to that soul in her voice. “Seasons of looooooooovvvveeeeee (measure your life, measure your life in loooooove)” 

Hope your 2017 is filled with more awareness of love (and the lack of it), a greater capacity for it and becoming more of it. 



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