seoul summah 16

Sorry for the long hiatus. I hate doing that but today will be an old fashioned blog post to update what’s been going on. :] Last summer was great being back in Texas, reconnecting with old friends, interning/visiting NY and being with family. This summer was my first summer in Korea since 2013. I thought it’d be pretty whack not being able to visit home again and rotting in the Seoul humidity but needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised; it might been one of my best summers yet…!

Surprisingly, I didn’t get to spend much time with my closest friends but I met a lot of new people- inspiring, creative and talented-in-their-own-ways type of people who let me see outside my bubble and the usual. Meeting these people with their own stories and at this specific chapter in their lives was honorary for me because they confirmed and re-confirmed some of the deepest desires of my heart. I know, everything sounds pretty vague and I’m still trying to piece the pictures together. But it’s a lot clearer than before and I feel more confident about myself than I did in the beginning of the summer. One thing is for sure, I really love (and sometimes dislike, lol) people but I know that I will always be fascinated at these creatures and their minds… how they work and feel and function and the in-between why’s. Ah, mankind. You are not always kind sometimes but you have your moments. You are beautiful in your weaknesses and beautiful in your passions and unique detailing like sculpture carvings or decorative, quaint tea cups hehe.

So, Suz, who are some of these amaaaaazing people you’ve been so inspired by?

I don’t know if I can list them all for the sake of privacy and cheese- it’s weird to blog about someone you just got to know in the past two, three months. But I will try to articulate how I’ve been moved by their winds, and how they’ve been catalysts to me in the gentlest ways, during my walks home at night or in commute during the 3pm hump.

Some of these people are what society would call, ballers and some of them are just your average Joe’s. I spent a lot of time serving at a Mexican restaurant called Coreanos Kitchen because it was always my dream to waitress/ serve during college. The staff are some of the funniest and talented people I’ve ever met. They’re cooks with their own dreams in culinary or somewhere else, they’re my fellow servers with dreams in film making, design, or nursing. They’re head bosses who lead with sharp excellence and vision. In the end, they are just people- authentic in their own ways and messy, too. They are people meant for so much more by the most un-average person I know… and somehow, they inspire me to work hard, be true to myself, listen and move souls in my own way…

I also spent a good chunk of time in my summer courses where I got to meet one of the most badass professors in my pov. For the sake of privacy, I can’t disclose everything but what inspired me more than how he managed to succeed at NYU after prison, is his perspective and wisdom on life. HE IS MY YODA! He is so independent and confident in his thinking and although I disagree with some of his viewpoints, I understand his tension with this world and longing for a new one. I empathize at his distress of human injustice and how the systems and structures are not working anymore (figuratively and literally). We dream for the same things although not labeled in the same way and his yearning fuels my yearning. He also inspires me to hustle and to know that life right now is not life forever…there’s always another day but we create the better days for ourselves and society.

These are just snippets of the people I met this summer, excluding so many other people from school, work, random people you meet through connections, and surprisingly new friends from old places who have given me fresh new eyes and jargon… Maybe I’ll upload more photos but for now… ❤ thank you summer 16!


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