The land will know too

(inspired by Adrienne Rich and Allen Ginsberg)

The clouds are heavier today
Filled with woe fear why’s where’s
I come down from my home to see
The land that used to be – mine

I came to explore the land
The words are purposes
The words are maps
I came to see the damage that was done
And the treasures that prevail

A recycled foe
Created before the Jurassic age
Infesting the land with symptoms of
Grief Hate

What is the system
That shouts justice but does not fight
What is the system
That shouts voice but does not listen

Moloch of the age
Moloch of unrest
Moloch of violation by dumpsters and easy murders in a public bathroom and club floors and airports and theaters
Twenty minutes of action
What is the system
And what is the land

But there is a roar
In blinding light that can quiet the land
Can refurbish the land and the cosmic and beyond
That can
That can
That can
New gardens
New rivers
New cities and stars
And new anthems and new words
These words are purposes
These words are maps

There will be no foe
And there will be no system
Fizzled Moloch, from the roars and the breath
From the light and the weight
Is dead
Is not a promise

The galaxies and the vastness beyond
They know of the roar and the light and the voice
They know a new anthem a new banner
a new cry a new image
And soon the land will know too
The land will know too


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