On being a senior

I go to college in Korea and here, the academic year starts in March and ends in December. It’s March 2016, and I’m a senior. What?

It’s been two weeks since school started and I’ve noticed the most ubiquitous and newest addition on campus- the new freshmen. Digusting. Like I gag inside because I’m repulsed by their fresh out of high school selves. You just know who the freshmen are; they look fascinated, thrilled and obviously frightened with their nice folders and whatever. They wear nice clothes while I have three repeating outfits for the week. I’m disgusted at them because while they are undeniably adorable, they are the juxtaposing, constant- reminding, living proof of my seniority, age and looming future of the realfreakinworld.

What do you mean I’m a senior? What do you mean I’m going to graduate next year and become an actual adult and pay taxes and such? What do you mean I have to take my actions seriously and start building my career path? What does this all even meaaaaannn?

Before the waves hit and I’m bombarded with adult stuff like filing for jury duty and whatever else adults do, I still have a year left as an undergrad, which I’m realizing is the best place to be on earth. You’re given a good amount of freedom while technically under parent custody, which means you’re allowed to run out of money while traveling in Europe and also allowed to take off your pants in the middle of the night and holler on top of a car that you want your ex back because well… you’re in college. You’re only 21. You’re allowed to be the inner kid that you are.

I’m a senior now, but I still feel (and sort of look) like a puny freshman. And I still get lost on my way to class and still don’t know a thing about international law contracts. But I sure as hell am a lot more sure of myself, and maybe that’s what this whole college journey is really about. Cheers to the past three years and cheers to senior year :]


2 thoughts on “On being a senior

  1. Very exciting! I remember my last year of college. It was unlike any other time of my life because of the relative freedom I was afforded. I was an adult, but didn’t yet have a mortgage payment or other adult responsibilities. Hard to believe that was more than fifteen years ago! Admittedly I never did take off my pants and jump on top of a car, but if I ever did so that probably would have been the time. Too late now. 🙂


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