This actually happened to me

Today’s mishap was one of those things you would never expect to actually happen to you. It’s the same as having a bird poop on your hair or finding out that you’re pregnant from a regrettable night, mercyyyy.

This morning, I left my house with the intention of making it just in time for class like a good student. I took the elevator because I live on the 20th floor and just as it hit 16th, the elevator stopped working. It buffered for a little bit and I heard the frustration of the machinery trying to make its way down but it couldn’t. The struggle was so real. Eeeeeerrr. EEEEEEEE. eeeeerrrrr. And slowly, everything came to a stop. The elevator system started to beep and the emergency light went on. “Wow, Am I actually stuck in an elevator? Like seriously, is this actually happening to me?”

In the midst of the loud beeping and the Korean maintenance ajusshis yelling from outside that it’s going to be okay, I just stood there, silent and thought, “How does this actually happen to someone… and why did it have to be me today? Why? And why in the middle of the day when it’s totally not dramatic or scary like in the films…….”

But as much as I was baffled at how this actually happened, I was secretly overjoyed because it happened to me. How many of us can say they were stuck in an elevator for a good ten minutes by themselves? (Don’t raise your hand so I can prove my point.) I kind of wanted to make the most out of it so I thought about singing aloud or pretending to have a seizure just to freak out the surveillance camera dude watching me. lolllllllll I also thought about how glad I was to have some water with me and fantasized if this could turn out like those thriller films. But assure you, nothing happened and my exit was pretty unimpressive. The ajusshi’s came and helped me get out. I was late to class and told my professor at the end about what happened. She wasn’t convinced but whatever, she still counted me as present and the day went on. Either way, this actually happened and I’m really glad it did. The end.


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