Best line I heard today:

“Yo you’re the mothafuckin alpha. Believe it.”



Friend- n.

calls you out when you’re wrong, covers you when you’re weak, laughs with you and at you, encourages you when you can’t believe for yourself, gives you space when you need to breathe, tries to empathize when its not natural for them to, pokes you to take risks, enjoys your joys and quirks.

Thankful for my friend.

random thoughts:

  • Respect and trust are earned, and it really bothers me when people expect me to give them mine
  • I find that people often devote themselves to a group to gain a sense of identity/ worth for themselves rather than actually believing in the cause of the group itself. this type of superficiality frustrates me
  • I still have this ongoing hate against men, on and off. I feel like a lot of them don’t know how to control their emotions. When they show any type of entitlement to a girl is… disgusting. So low. So weak.
  • Lastly, I really hope I get into law school, for many reasons. But a main one being, living in Seoul has really dulled my passion in culture, intellect, everything…? When was the last time I engaged in an intellectual challenging conversation besides in college discussions? I also feel ready to meet new people, and leave my life here that has gotten too comfortable for me.

many many thoughts tonight…

today I woke up with a nasty taste in my mouth. I could barely swallow my own saliva. It’s probably because the air has been so bad here in Seoul. When I tried to talk (to the Ajussi/old man in my building), my voice came out all groggy and husky.

YES!!!!!!!!!! Lord knows I love husky voices. Its silly but I really wish my voice could stay like this for a while. Cause who doesn’t like husky raspy sexy voicessss???!!!!